November 28, 2010


"F.A.H.F.T.T." Or..... "First Annual 'H...' Family Turkey Trot" !

Thursday was our first quiet family thanksgiving in a few years. Last year our California {friend} Family came to spend the holiday, the year before was right after Lula was born, before that we were with my few few local family members and before that..... I don't know - we were in California and before that Texas and there were always people to help make the day a big festive gathering. And I have ALWAYS loved it!   Truthfully, despite some effort to include a few of our nearest and dearest here, we have been planning a quiet family day, just the four of us for some time. It was all that it's cracked up to be....

The plan was to run in a Thanksgiving Trukey Trot or 5K {3.1 miles} but somehow that didn't seem to fit our quiet family theme.  I cannot say for sure who had the idea to map out our own 5K Turkey Trot and run it just us, the "H's" but that exactly what we ended up doing. It was... exciting... a new running route that neither Hubby or I had taken before, a rare, crisp morning, the girls bundled up in blankets, winter hats, wool sweaters and complaining of the cold, hubby and I in much more than running shorts and sweating bullets.  The cold air burning my lungs, and the smell..... I always forget what a glorious smell air has when it's cold....... So 9am, Thanksgiving morning, 3 miles, my family, the sunshine and the road.  31 minutes and 3 miles later this Thanksgiving was shaping up to be a great day!

Add to that the New England Patriots win, the turkey dinner that was prepped the night before and didn't need to hit the oven until 1:30pm {another plus of 'small family thanksgiving'} and then my children, my never eat what and when they are supposed to children who BOTH scarfed down turkey! GREAT day! our first family holiday, our first family turkey trot, the first time my children ate something other than Mac n Cheese, chicken nuggets, or hot dogs without a fight - I AM THANKFUL for days like that!

And in keeping with the my Thanksgiving weekend of firsts.... Gigi had her first dance recital on Saturday evening.  The next town over from us lights up the entire town square Thanksgiving weekend and hosts a fair like atmosphere every weekend from Thanksgiving through New Years.  To kick off the festivities, Gigi's dance school was asked to perform on stage in the middle of the festivites in front of what can only be described as a sea of people.

At the ripe old age of 3 and filled with all the drama of Elizabeth Taylor I had no idea what to expect. Would she perform? Would she stand frozen mid-stage? Would she not dance but ham it up for the crowds? Would she runn off stage terrified upon seeing the audience? I had NO IDEA but what I did know was this.... No matter what she did. Dance, freeze, yuk-it-up, or run I would be proud and it would be okay. She is after-all only 3 and for all of my expectations, I, at 34, could not perform in front of throngs of people.  She. Was. Amazing!

She did not want me to leave her with the stage mother and that was more than understandable. I, in truth didn't really want to leave her. I wanted to stay with her for every minute and watch from the wings and be there as her security.... But life is about growth and... well you can't finish if you never start. So, I gave her the biggest hug of her life. Reassured her that she was among friends and I would be there, center stage, down front and clapping ans cheering the loudest of anyone else!  I promised that when she hit that stage I would be right there watching her!  I was, down front, center stage, calling her name and cheering louder than anyone else!

She hit the stage looking nervous. I called her name a few times, and I know she heard me, but didn't see me. She look around, caught sight of the sea of people and my heart stopped for a moment. Would she panic??  No, as soon as she cought sight of all the people, she smiled, relaxed and looked to be having a good time!  The music started and she hit her first cue, missed her second, but so did everyother girl on that stage. The next few steps she was dead on and one of very few 3-4 year olds actually dancing the routine.  My heart is swelling, shie looks so beautiful, she is blowing my mind and making me the proudest I have ever been in my life... then, well then the poor girl next to her loses her tap shoe. Not just loses it, it goes flying past Gigi's face. The girl who lost the shoe is in tears, Gigi is caught up in sympathetic concern and misses the next few cues... It's okay - she has already performed well above and beyond my greatest dreams and then.... she sneaks right back into line, blows a kiss, waves both hands above her head to the crowd, and she finishes in classic moviestar style. THAT is my little diva! That is my little moviestar! That is my pride and joy and my reason for being. The little girl that can drive me to the edge with her spirit and make my heart swell with pride because of that exact same fire.......

I am still walking on air. Hands down, without a doubt, this was the best Thanksgiving weekend of my life and I cannot imagine another topping it, ever!

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