April 8, 2014

Really?!?! 2 years?!?!

Holy Cow! I stepped away from blogging for 2 years?!? Well... I truthfully don't have any spare time! So much has happened! {I wish I could remember it all... blogging would've been helpful, huh?} Oh well... starting from here, and maybe I can catch you all up as we go along. My domain name is long gone, so no more mymommystory.com but this'll do... for now. Maybe if I can figure out my other domain, we will move over there.... but for now here we are.

Hi! How the hell are you? Did you miss me? I must admit, I've missed you. Most of my musings these days {and all of my mishaps} are stupid little Facebook status nonsense but the girl keep me busy... Last time I blogged, like really blogged we were in preschool, at the moment I am staring down the barrel of 2nd Grade, if I thought the jump to Kindergarten was too emotional to face.. Uh.. NO! WRONG! Looking at 2nd Grade is way worse! Kindergarten is still a little kid... it still was, like... toddler-esque. 2nd Grade is "Big Kid"! Full blown, grown up, Big Kid! Yikes! I'm Not Ready!

So here is why I am back. Gigi and Lu are sending Flat versions of themselves across the country this spring and summer. We will be tracking their U.S. adventures here. Stay tuned for... #TheAdventuresOfFlatGigiAndLula

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