April 8, 2014

Really?!?! 2 years?!?!

Holy Cow! I stepped away from blogging for 2 years?!? Well... I truthfully don't have any spare time! So much has happened! {I wish I could remember it all... blogging would've been helpful, huh?} Oh well... starting from here, and maybe I can catch you all up as we go along. My domain name is long gone, so no more mymommystory.com but this'll do... for now. Maybe if I can figure out my other domain, we will move over there.... but for now here we are.

Hi! How the hell are you? Did you miss me? I must admit, I've missed you. Most of my musings these days {and all of my mishaps} are stupid little Facebook status nonsense but the girl keep me busy... Last time I blogged, like really blogged we were in preschool, at the moment I am staring down the barrel of 2nd Grade, if I thought the jump to Kindergarten was too emotional to face.. Uh.. NO! WRONG! Looking at 2nd Grade is way worse! Kindergarten is still a little kid... it still was, like... toddler-esque. 2nd Grade is "Big Kid"! Full blown, grown up, Big Kid! Yikes! I'm Not Ready!

So here is why I am back. Gigi and Lu are sending Flat versions of themselves across the country this spring and summer. We will be tracking their U.S. adventures here. Stay tuned for... #TheAdventuresOfFlatGigiAndLula


June 12, 2012

A letter to my daughters...

I know that it has been months since I've posted anything. I think in my heart I'd hoped that if I stopped sriting it all down it wouldn't be happening. G is on her way to Kindergarten in August and Lu is all grown up.... It is all going way to quickly.

I am wrapping up my third session of Body Back next week and was aked to write a letter to my daughters telling them why I am doing Body Back. I thought I would share it here....

My Dearest Grace Elizabeth and Lily Kathryn,

I am writing to you to explain why I do the crazy sweaty things I do.  I am writing so that you might understand that as much as it’s for me, it is also very much for you, my beautiful daughters. When I started my third session of Body Back a few weeks ago I was asked once again to provide a photo. I knew from past experience that this photo was meant to push me, to motivate me when I was ready to quit to push just a little bit harder.  I was supposed to look down, see this photo and realize what I am doing this for, who I am doing this for. In the past what is generally expected is a family photo. This time however I briefly entertained a bringing photo of me taken at the finish line of the Tough Mudder.  I say briefly because as soon as my brain processed the thought “Uugh, I look so gross and out of shape. I need to use this to motivate my fat ass” I was struck by an epiphany… Gross and Out of Shape? Fat Ass? I had just finished the Tough Fricking Mudder.  Not just finished but actually completed ALL but one obstacle. I had proved myself strong, determined and I had faced some real  fears head on and conquered them. Not only that , but I had fun I was with your father and I was among friends. I pushed myself, tested myself and discovered what I was made of. WHY? Why on earth was I ashamed of my body after such a monumental physical and mental victory? How many people can or even have done what I had just done? What would I say, feel or think if one of you had just done something that amazing and then tore yourself down physically right after? The thought shattered my heart…And completely changed the course of Body Back for me this time around.

I don’t go to Body Back or Stroller Strides or train for and run half marathons to be a size 4. I don’t work hard to starve myself or judge myself, my worth or my success by a number on a scale. I am so much more than that number on that silly scale. And I still and always believe that life is too short to diet. We make good choices in our house. We indulge in treats from time to time, but food is not the enemy.  Put that out of your minds right now and don’t ever let anyone tell you that it is either. Food is fuel. Fuel your body right, take care of it and you will never have to “diet” a day in your life.

Why do I go to Body Back?  I go to get stronger and faster and to push my limits… And then push past them. I go to hang medals and race bibs and orange sweat bands on the living room wall so that you’ll know if you work hard and set a goal you can do ANYTHING.  I go to show you my beautiful daughters that strength and beauty start from within and that girls can do and be anything. We can be just as strong as boys and sometimes stronger. I go because I have found sisterhood in motherhood and I want you to see healthy female relationships so that you will know how to have them when you are older. I go to get away, because as much as I love you and your daddy and I do live to be your mother and his wife, it is important to have time to just be…. Be alone, be with friends, be strong, weak, sad, happy, reflective, angry, or one with the wind, road, or sunrise/set. I go to be free and better and I go because I love you.

Never forget you are capable of so much more than you believe. You are so much stronger than you know.

"Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don't let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself."
-John Bingham

With all the love in my heart,

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