September 29, 2010

Do you miss me?

I know I haven't blogged in a week - The winner of the Stroller Stride September Giveaway {Yay Ali Dausend of Baby Feet n Baby Steps !!}was announced and I have not even posted her name {excpet on A Mother's Musings Facebook and Twitter pages} Last week was the week from Hell. I know.... Everyone says that and then you hear their story and roll your eyes. But last week, for me really was...

I have been staring at a blank post page for a week trying to find the words.......... One week ago tonight - One week ago tonight at exactly this moment I was racing downstairs to call poison control and then waking one child and calming another while trying to lod them into the car - by myself - for a night in the ER.

I need to and I will share this story, along with all of the other drama of the week... But at the moment it's painful. It's a failure - It's hard to admit that I am NOT Super-Mom ---- Oh I have never claimed to be Super-Mom {although snarky neighbors have said I consider myself to be}... But I have been known to and mostly do pride myself on my hands on - active in their day, mothering approach.  My day and life revolves around my children - Our ER story is a dagger to my gut. So I will share, but I am not ready just yet  --- This week, even in my "down-time" I have spent "on duty" as Mom....

My 34th birthday is Sunday. I don't want to start my 34th year with a "To Do List" - I will get all the old posts off my chest before Sunday - and Start 34 fresh.  Here's a heads up.... When I tell my ER story - I have made peace with the ordeal. I will forgive myself for what happend. Chalk this up as a lesson in what to do better/different next time and comfort myself with the fact that I AM A GOOD MOTHER. But I have learned that I am not the only one who has blinked to find in a moment a nightmare unfolding.... Think about your scariest parenting moment. How horrible did you feel? How terrified were you? Did you learn your lesson? Can we learn from your ordeal? Could you maybe let another mother or father out there know... "It's happened before. You are not the first and you will probably not be the last?"

I know I have posed a question before and sat listening to the crickets chirping as no one answered. So..... "Hello? Are you out there? Is anyone listening to me? Or am I... as usual...simply talking to hear my own voice?"

If I am the only one reading this - I need not relive my ER drama...

September 20, 2010

As Promised.... A PICA Adventure

Okay... as promised and long overdue Lu's most "entertaining" Pica story...

I think - Scratch that, I know that I have been avoiding writing this one... Oh I could tell you about a drawer full of crayons that all have large bites taken out of them or how we no longer have any markers in the house because all of the tips have been bitten off and swallowed long ago. I could *sigh* and tell you how I long for more arts and crafts time with the kids, but Lula eats glue, beads, clay, glitter etc... I once caught her standing on a kitchen table chair and licking the paper Gigi had just glued beads, ribbons and macaroni to like a starved person would lick a bowl of stew clean. There are stories about diapers that would I am sure raise alarm if Lu were in the care of someone unaware that she had eaten the tip of a blue or green marker the day before... I miss pencils. I love them and use them for my date and address books so that things can change, since things in my life often do change. But good luck finding an eraser in my house - that is the first thing to go within seconds of discovering a pencil.

I don't often share these stories with people who do not know Lula because, well first they paint and incomplete picture of this amazing little girl and second they stick a preconceived notion about what she is like into people’s minds and it's not an accurate description of her. PICA is truly one miniscule facet of this little child. She is bright, in every sense of the word, happy, funny, good-natured and loveable. She is tough as nails and has no fear. There is not a thing "wrong" with this child she just happens to be compelled to eat things.... things that really are not edible.

So here it is the most outrageous, jaw dropping, kind of disgusting, PICA story from my household. I promise you.... as farfetched as it sounds this is a true story.

This spring the girls and I set up their pool every morning. They swam all day and if the water wasn't too disgusting looking we would leave the pool set up for the next day. {doing our part for the environment and water conservation} At some point in late May we had a ladybug infestation. Infestation has such a negative connotation and truth-be-told having a ton of ladybugs around was not a negative thing. They're cute and fun and don't bother anyone. It was kind of cool.

On the mornings when the pool had been left out all night we would find at least a handful of ladybugs struggling to escape the water. Gigi took it upon herself to be the appointed Lifeguard for all ladybugs and would delicately rescue each one from their watery demise and let them dry their wings crawling up and down her arms as she went from bug to bug saving their tiny spotted lives.

Having rescued these little lives from their certain sodden graves, Gigi felt attached to and responsible for her little friends. She would talk to them and tell them they would be okay. It ut Lula wanted to play too. She wanted to help rescue bugs and she wanted to have their little legs tickle her arms while their wings dried. Gigi, well Gigi did not seem to think Lula was worthy, or gentle enough or something because she refused to let her little sister anywhere near her "friends".

It might not be the best rule, but at the moment in my house, everyone plays or no one plays. Sharing is a must and I am not a fan of exclusion. {I will write about how I feel that everyone making the team and everyone getting a trophy and everyone wins and no one loses is a blight on our society at another time - But at the moment in my house with toddlers everyone plays}. So after a few days I stepped in and insisted that Lu get a turn at holding a ladybug. I helped G show her sister how to be gentle and how to hold the delicate bugs. I will admit there were a few tragic squishing and Gigi called out in agony and anger that her sister squashed her friend!! It was sad, but Lula didn't kill them on purpose, so I convinced Gigi to help me teach her how to be gentle. And we did it!

As G and I were cheering and yelling she did it! Lula was staring fascinated at this little bug tickling her hand with it's tiny legs. So Gigi and I watched and our exuberance turned to horror as Lu took that tinly little bug popped it into her mouth and ate it! "Ahhhhhhh......No! No! No! No! GROSS! Spit it out!!" was my reaction. And it was, unexpected and gross!! It was too late, Lu had eaten the bug and despite my yelling and G's screaming "You ate my firiend!!!! You ate my friend!!!! She ate my firend!!" Lula was about to "rescue" another and eat it before I stopped her.

I simply don't understand it. As much as I am perplexed by the compulsion to eat paper, crayons, erasers and sand.... Eating a ladybug??? A bug??? I don't get it.... And I am sure I never will. I do have to say that things are getting better. I still cannot leaver her alone with crayons or markers. I am told that when she plays in the neighbor's sandbox she doesn't eat the sand any longer and recently at the palyground she discovered a spider web and asked "Eat it?" So I take the fact that she asked before doing as major progress!

But that is my most outrageous PICA story. Lula ate a ladybug. Gigi may never get over the emotional scar of having her friend eaten, but Lula didn't bat an eye...

September 17, 2010


I am taking a break from what seems will be my new Friday routine {Or at least every other Friday} I find myself newly without "my Vikki". For those of you who don't know about Vikki.... She has been my cleaning savior this past year and for the 2 years before Vikki I had Estera  {a true angel on earth}. But the economy and other factors {my being a full-time SAHM as one of them} has brought me to this place where.... well I am going to have to *gulp* clean for myself. Oh now... If you do not know me, I am not a princess. I am fully capable {okay, well not 'fully' capable} of cleaning my own home. I grew up with some serious household chores with a seriously, fastidious clean Mother. I have cleaned other people homes for money and I paid my rent living in Houston with "The Boys" {Hubby, his Brother and their friend TJ} by cleaning out 3 story 3,000sq foot Town Home every week. I know what it takes and what to do, I just.... I can find better things to do {including, stopping mid-kitchen to write this post} and that is my cleaning downfall {ADD}.

But my cleaning situation while a "new direction" is not why I paused to write this post. I am increasingly discontented with the direction and quality of my blog.  Oh I don't mind that I am doing a few giveaways, It is always a product that I really believe in -- although that was not my intention or direction when I started out.  I am not so ridged that I cannot let this blog evolve and become what it will ,but I cannot "sell out" to appease the world of Mommy Bloggers and their readers.  When I look back upon this journey and re-read our adventures I want to be proud of the writing and filling it with fluff.... Frankly it is starting to turn my stomach.  No offense to my mommy blogger following. If you are about giveaways and reviews and all the other cute ideas and daily blogs that are all the fashion at the moment - I enjoy them on your blogs! I get a kick out of Wordless Wednesday and Flashback Friday and a number of other ideas that I started to implement here. Frankly Wordless Wednesday and Flashback Friday, I think , are brilliant ideas. At least Flashback Friday forces the writer to look back, reflect and share. I read some poignant posts during Flashback Friday _ I have also read my share of hysterical Flashback Friday posts.... But I feel like a cop out when I cannot sit down and muse about my life, and it's a full on, or share my daily mishaps, and there is at least on a day, or just pour my guts out about how in love I am, or how hard it is, or how grateful I am. is supposed to be just that - My Mommy Story.... and of late it is anything but.....

Please bear with me, I am as always perfecting imperfect.... But I will get back on track.  It does not help that I have not picked up a book in I cannot say how long? Six months.... a year possibly??  I love books, I love reading, I love the written word. As much as I love water, as much as I love my children and my husband, I love books. Maybe the next time I take time for myself I should take time to read. I know it will make me a better writer, which is always a goal of mine.  So maybe that is my gimmick from now on, between my favorite books, for kids, self and teens, I will team up with The SassMaster from Don't Come to my Circus and Try to Wear the Top Hat. She has a page dedicated to books to be 'read aloud' and books everyone should read. Maybe I can coax her into teaming up with me each month and having some sort of "book club" or review each month - A simple assignment - A Children's book.....

I am taking a new direction here - or maybe returning to my original path, but I will no longer fill my blog with fluff and count that {in my head} as meaningful contribution to My Mommy Story.

So I will finish my PICA story because I owe it to you all and more important I owe it to myself. I will share my insecurity around the moms at preschool because I owe it to SassMaster who is always eager to share in my life and make me feel like someone out there cares what I have to say, what I think and validates my crazy {Thank You Sass!!!}

It's Fall, my favorite time of year {well is is Fall back home at least} so in honor of my favorite tradition and the foliage I miss so very much, I am turning over a new leaf.... Let's see how long Miss ADD can stay the course before I'm off in another direction.

Follow Me Friday...

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Friday food for thought...

Children are unpredictable.  You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next. 

~Franklin P. Jones

September 16, 2010

On Fire!

Yikes.... So I have missed 4 Stroller Strides September Classes thus far and .... Well I have decided NOT to beat myself up over that fact. I *just* saw pictures from Stroller Strides "Grand Opening" in my 'hood and... Let me tell you - 7 months ago I was not a pretty sight. When I say "Hot-Mess" I usually mean "walking disaster" but I.... I looked like a Hot-Mess! So then to now - What's 4 classes? It sucks yes! It's a "fail" according to my Stroller Strides September Goal... But I am doing the best that I can. I am really, honestly, 110% trying and I think I have made GREAT STRIDES where my health, fitness, weight and mental well-being are concerned. So there! *sticking my toungue out* I look better than I did before I got pregnant with Lily {who is about to turn 2!!!} and I look better than I did before I got pregnant with Grace. So in my book - WIN!

Today after a hard-core class we took the kiddos to the neighborhood Fire Station and let me tell you - BEST LUNA MOMS CLUB PLAY DATE EVER!  {Not that I don't love all the things Katie and Kelly plan for us each week - but this.... this rocked!} The kids had a ton of fun the moms... well let's just say most of us were unprepared for the "heat" if you know what I mean? {Sorry... Those boys were hot!} and the way the were with all of the kids - amazing!  I could share pictures. I could tell stories from the tour of the house, truck, etc.... But my friend Mel, author of  m.b.r.a.c.e. mommyhood wrote a post today that... well... reading it, I was pretty sure she was talking about me {Except I thought Physical Therapy and went Physical Education instead. Everything else she said is pretty much me, dead-on!} So please take a moment and check out her post What do you wanna be when you grow up?   So what if I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up... Apparently I am not the only one - WIN!

Then at drop off this afternoon for prechool, Gigi said "Bye Mommy, I'll see you in a couple of hours" WITHOUT so much as a tear, lip quiver, whine, plea... nothing. It was even noted by both of her teachers at the end of the day that the transition was "seamless" WOO HOO! I know that next week could be a different story but I will take a victory no matter how small, wherever I can get it! That was a big ole "WIN!" in my book!

Tomorrow.... Well, I am on the fence about tomorrow. I unexpectedly stopped swim lessons as of today. So that means our Fridays are wide open. I had hopped, or at least planned on keeping the girls in lessons for at least another month.  Well...plans change, I am a reed, and so now I have to decide; Stroller Strides - Me - What I want  - or a completely FREE fun day for my girls.  Truth be told I would love to day each week with no plans, no agenda, no schedule. If we go to the zoo, or the park or the museum, then we do. And if we stay home and snuggle, then we do. I truthfully think we all need a day where we can do as we please... I don't know... we shall see what happens. So, totally bummed that swim lessons have come to a temporary end, but a free day... You guessed it - WIN!

Stroller Strides September is half over, the Stroller Strides September Giveaway {which makes me sad was not a bigger hit} closes next Friday and I am almost halfway through one of Hubby's two week road trips.  I like the feeling of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even when the task at hand is a pleasant one. There is some sort of feeling of accomplishment when something comes to an end.  Yesterday's time to myself has me ready to face the world again. Things are getting done, pieces are falling into place - at the moment... I am on fire!

Noteworthy Links:

* Enter The Stroller Strides September Giveaway here
* Read one mother's story {not mine} about how wrong she had been about Stroller Strides here
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* Find information about Stroller Strides, including franchise opportunities here
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September 15, 2010

Shamless plug for my own shop...
and well...
Gigi's pretty damn cute!!

I got a break

I got a break today. My BFF sometimes referred to as my "LL" took the girls for almost 5 hours this morning. I thought about working on the ever looming mountain of "projects" that are making my throat close and my chest tight lately. {All self imposed projects mind you.} And then I thought ... Maybe I will take some of my mother's advice from yesterday and do something for me. - Just me - Step back, take a deep breath and indulge myself.

I am not a girly girl. Oh without a doubt when I was a flight attendant I happily indulged in bi-weekly pedicure and my nails were always perfect and I spend a bucket-load of money on my hair - But in my time away from the girls. in my brief, infrequent respites, the last thing I want to do is be stuck in a chair getting my toes painted, or hair cut, colored or whatever.... So while I promised myself that my bi-weekly time off I would clean my home. While I am getting knots in my stomach about not blogging as faithfully as I want to and while there are Gigi and Lula projects to be finished. I got my sweat on without crying, whining, fighting girls and then I went for a swim.

Oh the swim.... I had almost forgotten just how deeply in love I am with water. Today, alone, and I mean completely alone at the pool.... Surrounded by some of the most beautiful desert and mountain views in the area; with birds chipping and the sun-light changed from summer to fall... It was like a weight was lifting off of my chest. The world quite simply washed away. The water was heavenly- pleasingly cool. The desert is so unforgiving hot all summer that the pool temperature rises to bath water and feels more like a punishment than reward most days. But thanks to a 4 day glimpse of cooler days and evening temperatures that drop into the 70's the pool was like diving into my childhood.

I will admit that most days, I try to spend as much of my time in the pool underwater. I like the quiet. I like that no matter how many bodies are crammed into the pool scrambling for a momentary break from the oppressive heat; no matter how many unattended children are screaming and splashing; no matter how many pre-teens and teens are recklessly running and jumping and flipping about,unaware and uninterested in the safety of their fellow swimmers way or their own - It's peaceful underwater. The screams sound like hums and the weightlessness.... I love the look, sound, and feeling of underwater. Today, without the need to hide, or seek the refuge of the pool's depths - I simply floated.

Why am I rambling on about floating in the pool this afternoon? Why am I waxing poetic about how deeply in love I am with water for the millionth time? Raving about how gloriously cool, quiet, peaceful, cleansing it was? It has to do with taking time. I am sure that cleaning my home would have been a weight lifted. I know that finishing the 4 or 5 posts that I really do want to write would have made that looming mountain feel less-so and my chest a bit less constricted. I know that the mothers out there like me who choose to focus on the kids and let the rest of the minutia take a backseat often take their time away from the kids to tackle the unending laundry, mop a floor, scrub a toilet or run a few solo errands.... But I think we all underestimate how much more productive we would be if we spent that time on ourselves. Not necessarily on our hair our nails - But if you could truly do anything for an hour or two. Something that you really love.... What would it be? Without a doubt the things that must be checked off of our list make life feel a bit less overwhelming, but sweat, sunlight and water have made me a new woman.

Try it... the next time you get a break, forget the housework and the grocery shopping... Indulge yourself. I am so glad that I did. I suppose sometimes our mothers are right.

{Wordless Wednesday}

September 10, 2010

Friday food for thought....

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.
       ~Phyllis Diller

SO TRUE! And....I thought we could all use a little chuckle this morning.... Happy Friday!

* Don't forget to enter the Stroller Strides September Giveaway here! *

September 8, 2010

It's happening again...

Uugh I am spreading myself too thin, not feeling like I am commiting my full attention to anything and I hate this feeling. I am clearly not a multitasker, time manager, or very organized...

* Full-time SAHM - Part-time single mother - Always a Hot Mess!
* Newbie Momprenuer with this Gigi and Lula venture
*Floundering blogger

I have been writing 4 blog posts in my head for God knows how long.  I still need to share Lula's most entertaining Pica story. I really need to get a post about toddler play off my chest. The moms at G's preschool make me {unintentionally I am sure... or at least I hope} feel so uncool.  Like I am this loser outcast wishing I could be as cool as they are... I hate that--  And I liked High School!  And then there's Gigi's dance/gymnastics classes. The baby shower that I threw for a girlfriend three weeks ago - The holiday weekend and how I totally mortified my best friend's husband... there is so much to share... 

Forget the 7 days of Stroller Strides September that are still undocumented... FAIL!

I missed my first Stroller Stride September class today and It's only September 8th.... FAIL!

I haven't read a book to my girls in 2 days {except for the 1 bedtime story tonight}... FAIL!

Now I cannot decide - Leave the girls with Grammy tomorrow and show up for Stroller Strides sans children and clear  my head or skip {again} and take my girls and MIL out for an impromptu treat of coffee and donuts???

*sigh* Going to bed....

{Wordless Wednesday}

September 6, 2010


It's time...
Stroller Strides and founder Lisa Druxman are hosting this month's Giveaway!  I have been blogging about Stroller Strides and my progress, challenges, and all that goes along with this sweaty, amazing, empowering, journey. If you are visiting A Mother's Musings, Mishaps and Milestones for the first time you can see all of my Stroller Strides posts here.

If you are one of my faithful readers then you know I started Project Stroller Strides back in March. Since then I have dropped 16 pounds and am on my way to becoming "The Wanna-be Athleta" again!  I currently weigh less than I did when I got pregnant! I am even happier to announce... I currently weigh less than I did when I got married!!

I am not eligible to participate in this amazing Giveaway... {I must admit however, that being a Stroller Strides Mom and starting Stroller Strides September  means I have already won! I have regained my self-worth, I feel comfortable in my body again and I am setting the most amazing example for my daughters - If that is not a win, I don't know what is!} But.... since I am not eligible for the Giveaway you will not see my testimonial among the entries...So, here is is my testimonial... from an email exhange with my Franchise Owner/ Instructor this week.

...I can see the return of "The Wannabe Athleta" on the horizon. I have been so embarassingly out of shape for so long that I'd given up hope. You and Katie {and Jill} have given me back 'me'. The girl who is more athletic in her head than in reality but doesn't stop her from giving it her all... I had completely stopped trying. Now I plan to begin running the "couch to 5k" program once the temps drop a bit. If you asked me 6 months ago if I would run a 5k I would have said "Not on your life!!" now... it's a goal of mine!

From the bottom of my heart and with tears in my eyes... Thank you. You have changed my life. I owe you more than I can ever express! 
         - Shelbi   City Name, State Name    Stroller Strides

Okay, you've all be waiting to hear about the GIVEAWAY!
Here are the details.....

Stroller Strides and Stroller Strides' Chief Founding Mother, Lisa Druxman are giving away One FREE Week of Stroller Strides and A Signed Copy of Lisa Druxman's book 'Lean Mommy' to one lucky reader. I am giving everyone TWO chances to enter this kick booty giveaway!

Required: {You must do this in order to qualify for the Giveaway}

 "Like" Stroller Strides - Fitness for Mom – fun for Baby!  AND  A Mother’s Musings, Mishaps and Milestones On Facebook {Current Fans Count} Be sure to fill out an entry form stating that you follow both Stroller Strides AND A Mother's Musings on facebook.

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** Re: " THE ENTRY FORM"  - each entry form will ask you to provide a link... A link {web address} is NOT required to complete the entry form. The only required information is the entry information and a valid email address ** 

Optional Additional Entry.

 If you are a current Stroller Strides Member:
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If you are NOT currently a Stroller Strides Member but want to join:
Tell us why you want to join Stroller Strides and what location is closest to you! (e.g. -Jane D.   I would be joining the Milton, MA Stroller Strides! ) BE SURE TO post what location you would join OR post that there is NOT a location in your area.

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** Re: " THE ENTRY FORM" - each entry form will ask you to provide a link...a link {web address} is NOT required to complete the entry form. The only required information is the entry information and a valid email address **

Click HERE find the Stroller Strides nearest to you!  

Note: if there is not a Stroller Strides in your area consider starting your own franchise . There is no better time to join the ever growing ranks of  Mompreneurs!
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The fine print: Do this by Midnight September 24th and you are in! 1 winner will be picked randomly. Stroller Strides marketing department will be drawing the winning entry to avoid any claims of bias on A Mother's Musings, Mishaps and Milestone's part. Please make sure that you leave a way for us to contact you or we won't be able to get this fabulous prize to you. Winners who we are unable to contact and who don't respond within 48 hours of being sent their winning email notification will forfeit their prize and Stroller Strides will draw another name. I was not financially compensated for this review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone.

September 3, 2010

Friday Food For Thought

While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.

~Angela Schwindt

Don't forget to share what your "Stroller Strides September" is going to look like HERE!

Turn over a new leaf, start a new routine, make a positive change, put at least one of your needs first this month!

Writing our goals down and sharing them with others helps keep us accountable. Let's do this together!

Happy Stroller Strides September
and of course..... Happy Friday!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday weekend!


September 2, 2010

Stroller Strides September -
"What will yours look like?"

We want to know... I want to know... Tell me what your Stroller Strides September is going to look like?

Is is a commitment to yourself to start walking?
Start a workout routine?
Join a gym?
Get back to the gym?
Play a sport?
Find a local Stroller Strides?
Really commit to your current Stroller Strides routine?

What will you do this September to make a positive change?  I will say it again... It's Fall, the kids are back in school. There is no better time than now to start a new routine!

Tell me here what you plan to do... or link your blog post about your Stroller Strides September.

Sisterhood in Motherhood... Lets encourage one another, share our struggles to get started and our triumphs of actually doing it!

I warned you I was going to hit it hard this month... Now make me proud, and I promise I will be proud of you. If all you do is get up and get moving for 5 minutes a day I will be proud of you!

I'll get the ball rolling- See what my Stroller Strides September looks like below... And don't forget {like I did}to sign your name so I know who I am proud of!!

{ Click here to read more about Project Stroller Strides }

September 1, 2010

Project Stroller Strides:
"Stroller Strides September"

September 1, 2010

I started my mission: Stroller Strides September on Monday {August 30th} because it just seemed that waiting until Wednesday for the 1st of the month was stupid. So in my mind Stroller Strides September had kicked off already. I made it to class both Monday and Tuesday. I was feeling great about this new commitment to myself and taking time to do something for me at least four days a week… But at breakfast this morning I realized that it was only 82 degrees out.

I know…. 82 degrees to a number of you must sound hot for 7:30am. But for us… it was heaven, a gift, a treat, a morning not to be missed or wasted… So out to the back yard we went. I cannot being to tell you how I have missed drinking my iced coffee, nestled in one of my patio chairs - the early morning light - the possibility of a slight breeze on my face - air that doesn’t hit you like the opening of an oven door - my girls playing in the grass, Handsome Hal snoozing in the sun. . .

It has been three months since we have been outside and not miserable the entire time. At least back home in New England we could bundle up and play in the snow. We could go sledding or skating, or even take a walk. There we were not trapped indoors for the winter. Here… in the desert… When the summer sun, scorches the earth and the temperatures soar to 116 degrees or more - When the setting sun brings minimal relief and the evening cools to 100 degrees if you are lucky. There is no playing outside. It is in truth too hot to even go swimming most days. To say that we have needed a morning out in the fresh air is a gross understatement. Herein begins my dilemma …

It had been my plan to make it to Stroller Strides Monday – Thursday this week. I hope to be able to make it on Friday and Saturday as well, but my goal for the week was four classes right in a row with an option to attend more… But the girls we outside, running around, happy as clams, not red faced, sweating, melting, witling and asking to go back inside. They were so excited to reunite with their Cozy Coupe and their Sweetheart Cottage and a myriad of other toys left idol on the patio all summer. They were blowing bubbles and running after them; and I knew that within the hour the temperature would being to rise. That this glorious 82 degree morning was going to be a 104 degree afternoon before to long. If I went to Stroller Strides, the girls would miss the only part of the day safe enough to play outside.

So I resigned myself to the fact that I would miss class today, have to go tomorrow and that I could not miss Saturday and would have to make a serious effort to fit class in on Friday. And that was my plan…. Until I realized it was September 1st! September 1st!?!? I cannot be all about Stroller Strides September and NOT go to Stroller Strides on September 1st. I have been telling everyone about my mission this month. I would never live it down and I knew I would regret it if I started September off with a skipped class. And not a skipped class because someone was ill or had an appointment or because of school, just because "it seemed too nice out to go"…Unacceptable. {Insert expletive here}! I have to go and now… somehow I have to ply my children back into the house, into their clothes, into the car and into a stroller so that Mommy can get her sweat on. Children who had almost forgotten what fresh air smelled like and how grass felt on bare toes and what it was like to walk in the sunshine. I was going to ask toddlers to walk away from their most fervent dream these past few months, of playing outside - and this was not going to be easy. I used bribery and it worked only well enough to get them into clothes and to the car. The tears and whining and attitude began once it really hit home that we were leaving the fresh air and they were going to have to sit in a stroller for an hour in a stinky old gym.

We arrived – late – to class, but better late than never. Upon entering the gym I realized that this was Kelly’s {the franchise owner} first class back from a month long hiatus. Uh oh! I was in for the butt whooping of a lifetime. Kelly was there - with a videographer - rearing to go. I was late, not in a focused mindset with two unhappy, whining, tantrum-throwing little girls. Oy!

I sweat more today than I have in a long time. I worked harder today than I have in a long time. I sucked wind, struggled to keep up, reached deep, prayed for death, felt exhilarated, felt useless, felt the burn and in the end I am so happy that I bribed my kids back into the house and out the front door and gutted it out - because that is how you kick off Stroller Strides September! All out, no holds barred, sweat running down your face, collapsing in a heap, proud of yourself workout – with some of the most amazing, inspiring, supportive women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

Since I began my journey with Stroller Strides in March I have lost 16 pounds, gained an amazing support system of friends and rediscovered my sense of self worth. I am a mother, I am strong, and I can do anything!

Get ready folks, this is just the beginning. There are 29 more days left in Stroller Strides September and I plan to hit it hard! I would love for you to join me! I would love to hear what you do this month to make a positive change.
What will your Stroller Strides September commitment be?
Will you find a local Stroller Strides and join?
Will you make a commitment to get your stroller out and take your little one on a walk once a week?
Once a day?
Will you start running again?
Go to the gym?
It's Fall, school is back in session this is the perfect time to start a routine...  Baby steps count, every step makes a difference. Will you teach your little one(s) the importance of exercise and taking care of yourself?  Let's hear it... what will your Stroller Strides September look like?

Stroller Strides is hosting a Giveaway this month on A Mother’s Musings. Look for details in the next few days. One lucky reader will be getting one week of Stroller Strides FREE and a signed copy of Lisa Druxman’s book Lean Mommy.

Want to know how my Project Stroller Strides journey began? check out my previous posts in the "PROJECT STROLLER STRIDES" ARCHIVE

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