September 1, 2010

Project Stroller Strides:
"Stroller Strides September"

September 1, 2010

I started my mission: Stroller Strides September on Monday {August 30th} because it just seemed that waiting until Wednesday for the 1st of the month was stupid. So in my mind Stroller Strides September had kicked off already. I made it to class both Monday and Tuesday. I was feeling great about this new commitment to myself and taking time to do something for me at least four days a week… But at breakfast this morning I realized that it was only 82 degrees out.

I know…. 82 degrees to a number of you must sound hot for 7:30am. But for us… it was heaven, a gift, a treat, a morning not to be missed or wasted… So out to the back yard we went. I cannot being to tell you how I have missed drinking my iced coffee, nestled in one of my patio chairs - the early morning light - the possibility of a slight breeze on my face - air that doesn’t hit you like the opening of an oven door - my girls playing in the grass, Handsome Hal snoozing in the sun. . .

It has been three months since we have been outside and not miserable the entire time. At least back home in New England we could bundle up and play in the snow. We could go sledding or skating, or even take a walk. There we were not trapped indoors for the winter. Here… in the desert… When the summer sun, scorches the earth and the temperatures soar to 116 degrees or more - When the setting sun brings minimal relief and the evening cools to 100 degrees if you are lucky. There is no playing outside. It is in truth too hot to even go swimming most days. To say that we have needed a morning out in the fresh air is a gross understatement. Herein begins my dilemma …

It had been my plan to make it to Stroller Strides Monday – Thursday this week. I hope to be able to make it on Friday and Saturday as well, but my goal for the week was four classes right in a row with an option to attend more… But the girls we outside, running around, happy as clams, not red faced, sweating, melting, witling and asking to go back inside. They were so excited to reunite with their Cozy Coupe and their Sweetheart Cottage and a myriad of other toys left idol on the patio all summer. They were blowing bubbles and running after them; and I knew that within the hour the temperature would being to rise. That this glorious 82 degree morning was going to be a 104 degree afternoon before to long. If I went to Stroller Strides, the girls would miss the only part of the day safe enough to play outside.

So I resigned myself to the fact that I would miss class today, have to go tomorrow and that I could not miss Saturday and would have to make a serious effort to fit class in on Friday. And that was my plan…. Until I realized it was September 1st! September 1st!?!? I cannot be all about Stroller Strides September and NOT go to Stroller Strides on September 1st. I have been telling everyone about my mission this month. I would never live it down and I knew I would regret it if I started September off with a skipped class. And not a skipped class because someone was ill or had an appointment or because of school, just because "it seemed too nice out to go"…Unacceptable. {Insert expletive here}! I have to go and now… somehow I have to ply my children back into the house, into their clothes, into the car and into a stroller so that Mommy can get her sweat on. Children who had almost forgotten what fresh air smelled like and how grass felt on bare toes and what it was like to walk in the sunshine. I was going to ask toddlers to walk away from their most fervent dream these past few months, of playing outside - and this was not going to be easy. I used bribery and it worked only well enough to get them into clothes and to the car. The tears and whining and attitude began once it really hit home that we were leaving the fresh air and they were going to have to sit in a stroller for an hour in a stinky old gym.

We arrived – late – to class, but better late than never. Upon entering the gym I realized that this was Kelly’s {the franchise owner} first class back from a month long hiatus. Uh oh! I was in for the butt whooping of a lifetime. Kelly was there - with a videographer - rearing to go. I was late, not in a focused mindset with two unhappy, whining, tantrum-throwing little girls. Oy!

I sweat more today than I have in a long time. I worked harder today than I have in a long time. I sucked wind, struggled to keep up, reached deep, prayed for death, felt exhilarated, felt useless, felt the burn and in the end I am so happy that I bribed my kids back into the house and out the front door and gutted it out - because that is how you kick off Stroller Strides September! All out, no holds barred, sweat running down your face, collapsing in a heap, proud of yourself workout – with some of the most amazing, inspiring, supportive women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

Since I began my journey with Stroller Strides in March I have lost 16 pounds, gained an amazing support system of friends and rediscovered my sense of self worth. I am a mother, I am strong, and I can do anything!

Get ready folks, this is just the beginning. There are 29 more days left in Stroller Strides September and I plan to hit it hard! I would love for you to join me! I would love to hear what you do this month to make a positive change.
What will your Stroller Strides September commitment be?
Will you find a local Stroller Strides and join?
Will you make a commitment to get your stroller out and take your little one on a walk once a week?
Once a day?
Will you start running again?
Go to the gym?
It's Fall, school is back in session this is the perfect time to start a routine...  Baby steps count, every step makes a difference. Will you teach your little one(s) the importance of exercise and taking care of yourself?  Let's hear it... what will your Stroller Strides September look like?

Stroller Strides is hosting a Giveaway this month on A Mother’s Musings. Look for details in the next few days. One lucky reader will be getting one week of Stroller Strides FREE and a signed copy of Lisa Druxman’s book Lean Mommy.

Want to know how my Project Stroller Strides journey began? check out my previous posts in the "PROJECT STROLLER STRIDES" ARCHIVE

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beemii said...

I had never heard of this until you posted it...this is so cool...

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