September 2, 2010

Stroller Strides September -
"What will yours look like?"

We want to know... I want to know... Tell me what your Stroller Strides September is going to look like?

Is is a commitment to yourself to start walking?
Start a workout routine?
Join a gym?
Get back to the gym?
Play a sport?
Find a local Stroller Strides?
Really commit to your current Stroller Strides routine?

What will you do this September to make a positive change?  I will say it again... It's Fall, the kids are back in school. There is no better time than now to start a new routine!

Tell me here what you plan to do... or link your blog post about your Stroller Strides September.

Sisterhood in Motherhood... Lets encourage one another, share our struggles to get started and our triumphs of actually doing it!

I warned you I was going to hit it hard this month... Now make me proud, and I promise I will be proud of you. If all you do is get up and get moving for 5 minutes a day I will be proud of you!

I'll get the ball rolling- See what my Stroller Strides September looks like below... And don't forget {like I did}to sign your name so I know who I am proud of!!

{ Click here to read more about Project Stroller Strides }

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