About Me

{ ME }

Originally from New England, Western Massachusetts to be specific,{and NO, I do not have an accent. Not everyone from New England has one!!} I now live in the Southwest and am a full time stay-at-home mom, part-time single-mother and always a hot-mess!  My husband and I have been together for over a decade and we have two beautiful daughters; {Gigi}, 3 and {Lula}, 2. Oh yeah… and our cat, 'Handsome Hal' and a fish named, Caterpillar!

I started this blog in an attempt to both chronicle my life as a young mother, so that one day we could look back and remember all the funny, crazy, amazing, exciting, moments; and with high hopes of becoming the next Erma Bombeck. As it turns out, being the next Erma Bombeck requires more time than I have raising two toddlers. So for now I will settle for trying to capture the funny, random, and big moments as best I can and throw in a little advice whenever possible - Learn from my mistakes people. There will be plenty- of that I can guarantee!


A golf course irrigation salesman, he spends more time on the road than at home. The money making is his job and the child rearing is mine. Though there is an uneven distribution of the rest of the work. In my defense, he knew me before we were married. The love of my life bears the brunt of most of the cleaning around here as well.

From ''small'' town Massachusetts, he longs to get back to that simple life. Maybe one day I'll give in and we'll go back to New England... For now he takes solace in the ability to play golf year round.

{ GIGI }

3 years old and rearing to go {to school}. I thought this upcoming milestone could be an emotional one for me; but I am finding it just the opposite! I am as excited for G as she is! The few short hours a week will she will be gone will fly by and like fertilizer on a flower - she's is going to blossom in whole new ways! I love that we can give her this amazing opportunity to grow!

{ LULA }

At 20 months old Lu is finally starting to talk up a storm {that is when G allows her to get in a word}. Still determined that she can do anything her big sister does I am surprised by her every day! She and I are preparing for a few hours of one on one time this fall while G is in school. Something we’ve never had before and I am very much looking forward to. Now… to decide how we should spend our special time!?

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