September 16, 2010

On Fire!

Yikes.... So I have missed 4 Stroller Strides September Classes thus far and .... Well I have decided NOT to beat myself up over that fact. I *just* saw pictures from Stroller Strides "Grand Opening" in my 'hood and... Let me tell you - 7 months ago I was not a pretty sight. When I say "Hot-Mess" I usually mean "walking disaster" but I.... I looked like a Hot-Mess! So then to now - What's 4 classes? It sucks yes! It's a "fail" according to my Stroller Strides September Goal... But I am doing the best that I can. I am really, honestly, 110% trying and I think I have made GREAT STRIDES where my health, fitness, weight and mental well-being are concerned. So there! *sticking my toungue out* I look better than I did before I got pregnant with Lily {who is about to turn 2!!!} and I look better than I did before I got pregnant with Grace. So in my book - WIN!

Today after a hard-core class we took the kiddos to the neighborhood Fire Station and let me tell you - BEST LUNA MOMS CLUB PLAY DATE EVER!  {Not that I don't love all the things Katie and Kelly plan for us each week - but this.... this rocked!} The kids had a ton of fun the moms... well let's just say most of us were unprepared for the "heat" if you know what I mean? {Sorry... Those boys were hot!} and the way the were with all of the kids - amazing!  I could share pictures. I could tell stories from the tour of the house, truck, etc.... But my friend Mel, author of  m.b.r.a.c.e. mommyhood wrote a post today that... well... reading it, I was pretty sure she was talking about me {Except I thought Physical Therapy and went Physical Education instead. Everything else she said is pretty much me, dead-on!} So please take a moment and check out her post What do you wanna be when you grow up?   So what if I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up... Apparently I am not the only one - WIN!

Then at drop off this afternoon for prechool, Gigi said "Bye Mommy, I'll see you in a couple of hours" WITHOUT so much as a tear, lip quiver, whine, plea... nothing. It was even noted by both of her teachers at the end of the day that the transition was "seamless" WOO HOO! I know that next week could be a different story but I will take a victory no matter how small, wherever I can get it! That was a big ole "WIN!" in my book!

Tomorrow.... Well, I am on the fence about tomorrow. I unexpectedly stopped swim lessons as of today. So that means our Fridays are wide open. I had hopped, or at least planned on keeping the girls in lessons for at least another month.  Well...plans change, I am a reed, and so now I have to decide; Stroller Strides - Me - What I want  - or a completely FREE fun day for my girls.  Truth be told I would love to day each week with no plans, no agenda, no schedule. If we go to the zoo, or the park or the museum, then we do. And if we stay home and snuggle, then we do. I truthfully think we all need a day where we can do as we please... I don't know... we shall see what happens. So, totally bummed that swim lessons have come to a temporary end, but a free day... You guessed it - WIN!

Stroller Strides September is half over, the Stroller Strides September Giveaway {which makes me sad was not a bigger hit} closes next Friday and I am almost halfway through one of Hubby's two week road trips.  I like the feeling of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even when the task at hand is a pleasant one. There is some sort of feeling of accomplishment when something comes to an end.  Yesterday's time to myself has me ready to face the world again. Things are getting done, pieces are falling into place - at the moment... I am on fire!

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1 comment:

Mel said...

You mean I have a partner in crime on not knowing what I wanna be? Yay! Ha! Loved this & especially loved watching you kill it on the ladder thing yesterday! Have to admit I get slightly jealous of the super high impact you're doing but excited for you all the same! Enjoy uoior Friday!

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