November 23, 2010

"They must think I'm a moviestar......."

Long story short and days late {per usual} I took Gigi to the Pediatric Urgent Care Sunday afternoon and had her injury checked out.  She was poked, prodded, pulled and asked to walk the room like a show pony. She was a much bigger trooper than I expected her to be - Although I am never really sure what to expect with this kid! When the doctor said x-rays were needed I was relieved that they were going be sure there was nothing truly wrong with her leg and concerned about how she would handle the process.

Into the radiology room and onto the big, cold slab of a table - How do you make this okay for a 3 year old? An ominous box hanging from the ceiling with large tubes and wires coming out of it... Tell her the truth.... "Gigi, that is a big camera and they are going to tack pictures of your leg with it. This is not just any camera though... it's a super, super special camera. It is going to take pictures of your bones!!"  She asks... "Is it going to hurt?"  No. "It that thing going to squish me?" No. It's just a really, really big camera - it's not even going to touch you!

The technician began positioning Gigi's leg and taking the various views of her hip, knee, etc... She was doing an amazing job! We'd say "cheese" and we were laughing and I was, so relieved, but the moment that made my day, and I would venture to say the technician's day too was about half way through the series of 7 or 8 views. The tech was repositioning Gigi's leg for another shot and Gigi leans her head toward me and whispers "They must think I'm a moviestar...They're taking A LOT of pictures of me!"

That's my little moviestar! I love her to pieces and even when I am at my most overwhelmed, worried or frazzled she can ALWAYS pull me out of it with moments like that!  Her injury turned out to be a sprained knee. I am sure the first of many injuries, sports realted and otherwise.  She's is much better today (3 days later) and expects to perform in her dance recital on Saturday which will, I am sure only reinforce in her that she is, in fact a moviestar!


Anonymous said...

Time to give her her very own stare on the Hollywood walk of Fame. Glad to hear it was just a little thing.

Shelbi said...

I was to happy that is was minor too!

Well she is rather "Dramatic" I am sure she could win an Oscar somedays hands-down, so maybe it IS time she had her very own star or at least her hands and feet in cement in front of Grauman's! :D

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