November 13, 2010


Yup. I have yesterday's "Thankful for:" post sitting in my "edit posts" as a draft at the moment.... and today's "Thankful for:" isn't even started.  At the moment,  I want to sing from the mountain tops how thankful I am fo the amazing friends I have, both new and old, who were here today celebrating Lula's birthday and helping me take a breath for the first time in my history of children's parties and actually enjoy the party.

Yup -I have a lot that I want and need to say, but.... I'm tired. My baby is two, my hubby and I threw a successful little get together today and I need some sleep. But I am recently very aware and very thankful for my circle.  I have been holding onto my "California Family" for the last 4 years - And to my California Peeps - I LOVE YOU - You still are and always will be my family, but I have unknowingly made another branch of my family tree here and while it took me too long to realize that that's what we are.... I know it now!  So tonight I go to sleep a little happier about where we live. If I have to be stuck someplace..... There really are not many other people I would rather be stuck with!  So to my "besties" from the past few years and to my newly discovered and equally treasured friends, Thank You for making today such a great day for but Lula and me!  I will not take any of you for granted again!

Good Night!

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