July 7, 2011

{ Project } m.b.r.a.c.e Mommyhood Photo Challenge

Today's Challenge is { Fruit }
Initially I was excited because I had a windowsill full of Gigi and Lula's tomatoes! Fun, creative, tomatoes are fruit and I could showcase the girls bounty from their summer science project, since the tomato plant has not yielded all it's going to this year. Then it came down to photographing the darn tomatoes.
I must admit I had to snap more than a few shots of said tomatoes before I got the angle and lighting I wanted. Who would have thought you'd need to set up a shot of fruit.... Not I!  I had to lower the window shade to adjust the amount of light coming through the window...And even with a blurred background the distraction from the cozy-coup, sandbox and the rest of the kiddos toys just outside the kitchen window were too much for me to deal with. I did finally get a decent shot but I wasn't happy with it at all and I know the caliber of photographers I am up against, so in the end, I set up a few bananas, a ripe nectarine and a few blueberries. This too took a few shots to get the one I was happy with. Here is today's shot...
 { Fruitful }



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