July 2, 2011

{ Project } m.b.r.a.c.e Mommyhood Photo Challenge

To My Dearest Friend Mel
I must extend a large and very public "Thank You!"
I am really enjoying this challenge, granted we're only 2 days in but.... So far, so fun!

Okay ---- Today's Challenge is { What You Wore Today }
I knew right away that I was not going to photograph myself again. I truly love being behind my camera.  I have been in love with my Canon since.... well, truth be told and thanks to my father,  long before I owned my Canon Rebel XTi.  My profound love of spending time behind the camera however does not continue around to the other side. I am not happy or comfortable in front of the camera at all. I suppose I am simply far too critical of myself - But that's a whole other can of film, now isn't it?

Back to the topic at hand, my photo. Now .... I am feeling confident that I am being creative, artsy and original with today's challenge. Snapping a picture of my laundry....
 * pause to pat myself on the back
Well, I think I'm fairly brilliant - We shall see however if my idea is fresh or just plain......
{ Soiled } 


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