July 5, 2011

{ Project } m.b.r.a.c.e Mommyhood Photo Challenge

Today's challenge {From a High Angle} This. Was. Not. A. Happy. Challenge.
I don't want blindly compliant children. I mean would it be nice? Yes! Is it realistic? No!  But would it hurt for the girls to help me out just a little bit in the photography department?  Would it kill them to pose, well not just pose but hold a pose? Or follow a direction??  Apparently it might.  We have a loft and a 2 story entry I was sure that would be the scene for my { high angle photo } But..... NO!  I pulled out a ladder and tried to snap some candid high angle shots - The girls decided to wrestle instead. All they had to do was watch TV. Seriously??? I tried to be a reed, flexible, blowing int he wind, but I was getting frustrated. Really, really frustrated. Then it hit me.... This is supposed to be FUN. Not frustrating. This is for sh*ts and giggles not serious, photography.  Then I remembered a photograph that my Hubby's cousin {a brilliant photographer} took of herself from the hood of her car.  But I wanted to involve my girls.... After a handful of failed attempts to include Gigi and Lula the above shot is what I came up with. What did Woody Allen say?
If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans {to photograph your children}
So today's photo is titled...
{ God Complex }



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