July 4, 2011

{ Project } m.b.r.a.c.e Mommyhood Photo Challenge

Today's challenge { Something Green }
I knew right away what I wanted to photograph today - I just had to find him!  We have been raising a Praying Mantis right along with our tomatoes!  He's been living on our tomato plant since he was a teeny-tiny little mantis.  Once finding the little guy, getting a picture of him proved more difficult than I anticipated. He did not want to stand still for one. He {or She I suppose} hid well on and behind tomato leaves, obscuring the shot and making it really hard to focus on him or her and not the surrounding leaves. Then of couse he moved to a shaded side of the plant and the lighting was horrible, but of course.... He was in an EXCELLENT position for photographing.... Finally after a good 30 minutes of chasing this little bugger {and yes that's 30 minutes in the scorching desert heat} I snapped this shot.....
 { It's not easy being green }


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