December 2, 2011

Alright... I'll Play.
"An Elf's Escapades"

Meet our Elf, GELK....

Okay, So GELK is not really a home-wrecker, but I couldn't help myself....
I definitely got a juvenile chuckle out of this one.
Some of my posts might be a little twisted this year...
It's all in the name of fun people.... 

GELK is our Elf on the Shelf. He's been our Elf since Christmas 2008.  He joined our family right after Lula did and has been getting into all sorts of trouble .... and reporting on all sorts of trouble ever since. GELK got his name from The Girls' initials and he shows up each year right after Thanksgiving to keep an eye on Gigi and Lula for Santa.  

If you don't yet know about the Elf on the Shelf it's a wonderful game / tradition / tool to frighten your children into submission .... Ah... I mean remind your children to make good choices during the holidays.  If you ever wondered how Santa knows who has been naughty and nice, it's his Elves.This is actually the first year that the girls "get it".  Each evening GELK flies back to the North Pole and reports to Santa. He lets Santa know all the good or bad things the girls have done that day. Then he flies back here to our home and finds a new perch somewhere in the house for the girls to discover the next morning..... This always poses a problem for me. You see..... that requires REMEMBERING to move  before I go to bed, or like this morning.... finding some excuse to keep the kids gated upstairs while I fly downstairs to move him before they notice he is sitting exactly where he was all day yesterday.  My evenings generally end with me about to drift off to dreamland and then sitting bolt upright, slapping my forehead and exclaiming--- to no one --- "Oh CRAP!  I forgot to move the damn Elf!" But please do not misunderstand.... I love this tradition, I think it's fun. I know the girls love GELK {I do too} and to some's a great behavior modifier!!

So my dear friend Mel is going to chronicle the adventures of their Elf this month and well....If you would like, you can follow the "Adventures of "Calvin"  and see what her Elf does this season.  I'm "in"  on this because first of all,  it's FUN and also because; It's a chance to help me to remember to move GELK each night, a chance to force me to be creative with GELK's placement, a chance to help me try to get back to my blog and most important, it's a chance to play around with my camera!  Since Santa will be bringing me some new camera equipment if I am a good girl, I had better show GELK just how much I love my camera and deserve the new toys!!

I did say that some of these might be a little twisted...
NO, I did not let the girls find their Elf this way... But I wanted to start off with a bang!
The girls found GELK in a sconce.


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