June 30, 2011

Can you tell I've been avoiding my blog??

Seriously, is it obvious that I have been avoiding you all? It's not you, it's me.  I am stuck on one small negative moment from a fantabulous 8 week experience and I cannot bring myself to blog about that fabulous first 8 weeks of Body Back without spilling my guts about one small negative {only in my mind} thing that I am allowing to ruin an entire 8 week experience. It's me, it's my competitive side and I keep telling myself once I get out of my own way and get over this one little thing I can and will blog about my 3" smaller waist line and my ability to do more than zero sit-ups, my 5 mile run with a boulder and all of the other fantastic, strong and empowering experiences, but... well I am not there yet. But I'm working on it... and I am also working on a 2nd 8 week session of Body Back. I'm 3 weeks in and doing my best to kick some ass and take some names... The heat is a gigantic obstacle, but I will kick it's ass too!

So in an effort to ease back into my blog and still avoid the looming Body Back post I am accepting my dear friend Mel's 30 day challenge!  I adore my camera and it just seems like a fun and whimsical way to both blog and play around with my camera. No pressure just me, my Canon and you. If you have a camera, like to take pictures and think you might want to join us.... feel free!  Here's the challenge......


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