May 14, 2011

Project Body Back : Weeks 3, 4 and 5

I truly believed when I started this Body Back journey that I would be overflowing with blog posts. I've heard of other's experiences, trials and triumphs; even read about a few. I know many women who have made this journey before me and I was sure that there would be no shortage of things to say. I even looked forward to helping Stroller Strides spread the word about this amazing, life altering, beautiful, difficult, special program. Then I started out on my Body Back path....

The program is everything wonderful, life changing, inspiring and just as emotional as everyone said it would be.  I have shed at least one tear every class {and I am not an emotional person, at least not in 'that' way}. I have been angry, inspired, loved, supported. I have pushed and supported and cried with and for other women. And, I have found true sisterhood....

I have gained and lost weight. Done things that I was unaware my body was capable of. Taken on a hill with a ten pound weight and OWNED it. Opened up my heart about things that are painful in my life the pushed through a brutal workout fueled by that pain and left feeling healed. Trusted and given everything. Kept my promise to myself leave it all out there every workout and have thoroughly become addicted to the feeling of empowerment when you kick box for 60 minutes holding two 10lb weights.

But the one thing I did not count on was how personal this journey would be. Unless you have been there. Unless you are there with me.... I simply do not have words to do this program justice.  I do not share the same journey as any other women out there. My path is not the same. My end result, my discoveries about myself and my capabilities may be similar to someone else's, but will never be the same.

As much as I want to shout from the mountain tops that Body Back is the best thing I have ever done for myself {and it is -- by far!} As much as I want to convince every mother out there regardless of their age, their children's ages and regardless of their current physical state that this is a must take journey for every mother; The way I see Body Back and the way I experience Body Back feels like something to be kept just for me.

I still promise to share my before and after photos. I will happily disclose my measurements and current weight. If you want to see and hear about my results, I am thrilled to be able to share those.... But as for my frustration, tears, cheers and triumphs..... Those stories are just for me and the amazing women who are playing such a major roll in this journey.

{And to you women, my life is forever changed because of YOU. each and everyone one of you have left your mark on my life and given me something that I will carry with me forever.}

I am not as close to the end as I thought I would be.  The Body Back sessions may only run for 8 weeks but I will not be nearly done when this session is up. I am signed on and very much looking forward to a 2nd 8 week session starting mid June!

Breathe Deeply and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.




Lindsay said...

Good for you for continuing your class!!!!

The SassMaster said...


I am Me. said...

Is that my problem, not really writers block, but the pure inability to explain what is happening to me right now... You leave some of the biggest marks on all of us and I LOVE that you speak your mind, are honest, and stay true to you!

hosting said...

Just added this blog to my favorites. I enjoy reading your blogs and hope you keep them coming!

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thailand hotel said...

I added Google Reader to your site when I have spare time try to follow.

LiLi said...

I am doin BB in Richmond VA... I agree, it is SO personal. I am doing a blog and being brutally honest about my journey. Writing is a great stress reliever for me and has replaced emotional eating.body back has changed my life!

Shelbi said...


I started my second session of BB last night - it truly is life changing and I cherish every moment of it. The thought of this next 8 weeks coming to an end and not having this amazing time 2 days a week with these women.... I cannot even go there.

I planned to be brutally honest, but about week 3 I had a break down. It had nothing to do with BB but BB was the catalyst. It was at that moment that I realized no one was truly going to understand what I was going through. The writing became stress inducing. No words seems to do my emotions justice. :) I'd love to follow your journey tho!!

Keep up the great work!!

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