April 4, 2011


Oh it's been one of those days..... The girls were up and cranky at 5:30 this morning. {here's a hint girls if you are pissy when you wake up at 5:30am because you're tired - Don't Wake Up At 5:30am!} *sigh* In a futile attempt to "make lemonade" {and I am NOT a morning person} I pulled on a pair of running shorts, my Nike's, threw the girls in the Stroller and a few cereal bars in their laps and hit the road for a sunrise run.

So, how was I rewarded for making a healthy and productive choice?  I run headlong into a gale force wind for a mile while the girls whine that they "want to go home" ; and I actually tear up at how miserable this run is shaping up to be. But I refuse to quit!  {at least in the first mile} So I fight the wind and muscle my parasail of a stroller into a wind that is doing it's damnedest to push my backward or at the very least stop me in my tracks.  I fought the elements for roughly 2 and half miles of my intended 3 plus mile run before eventually calling it quits.

Home- grab a real breakfast- and get the girls dresses for Stroller Strides.  That's when I realize that now I'm feeling pissy! Maybe a real workout and some of my sister-mamas will help me turn this day around?  They are usually the best remedy for a crabby, over tired or overwhelmed mama! Today however, No.Such.Luck.  The workout was killer but I don't know if it was the wind or the nasty allergies everyone seems to be suffering from but we were all a bit subdued today.

The girls were..... well the have been worse at Stroller Strides, but their picking at each other was getting on my nerves so I cut their post workout playtime short and piled them back into the car. Then I started to feel guilty that I had dragged them out in the insane wind this morning..... and then asked them to sit in the stroller again for an hour while I worked out..... and maybe I was being too hard on them.... So I treated them to Chic-fil-a for lunch and promised to take them swimming.  Thinking to myself that might be just the ticket for three cranky girls, a nice long swim....

So.... Here is where my day went to Hell and I never recovered..........................................................

When we got home I settled the girls in the living room, turned on a show and told them I was going to get our swim stuff.  Then I headed upstairs, peeled off my sweaty, stinking workout clothes and began to gather swim suits and towels. After washing my face and hunting for sunscreen, and throwing my foul clothes in the washer  I turned the corner to start down stairs when I hear Gigi say from somewhere near the bottom of the steps "You're gonna be in trouble." She said it so calmly and matter-of-factly that I knew I was not going to like what I saw!

What I was not prepared for was what a 2 year old, left alone for 10 minutes is truly capable of.... Lula took the step stool from the bathroom into the craft closet... got the acrylic paints down that she always wants to play with but is well aware she is not allowed to touch.... and decided to finger paint {and foot paint} my beautiful beige tile floor with Black.Acrylic.Paint!  I am assuming that Gigi discovered Lula "painting" and when she called her out for this transgression Lu started to clean it up; But not before Lula walked her covered in paint hands all the way across my wall on her way to the bathroom where she would smear the bathroom light switch, faucet sink and floor with paint. Leaving pools and hand prints and finger prints and foot prints everywhere.

Okay - I lost it!!  I did!  I was so angry with both Lu and myself that I screamed and both girls cried and then I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed the floor praying that I could get the paint off before it seeped into the porous tile and stained it forever.  The wall...well the wall was going to be a lost cause.  I must have scrubbed the anger out because by the time I got the floor clean I found the wall a bit funny. Don't tell the girls that though!

All things considered she did a pretty good job of making a nice line of clear hand prints.  I would maybe even "love" the ruined wall if she'd picked purple, or green or even orange, but nope....She picked black! I may be warming to the wall of "dirty" hand prints leading into the downstairs bathroom but that doesn't mean the day got any better or I was an happier with the girls. But - Tomorrow is a new day - Fresh; without any mistakes in it........yet!



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Shannon said...

Oh. My. GAWD! I'm not sure I would have been able to yell. I think I would have been frozen in place until my husband came to rescue me or something! Now, my son taking a pair of scissors to my shower curtain and his hair seem hardly bad at all....well....except his hair. That sucked. I hope it all comes out of your floor and wall.
You know, we had children young thinking we'd still be young enough to be the "cool" parents. My husband and I have figured out that you don't get to be the "cool" parents, the kids just make you grow gray hair faster! You've certainly earned some today! (((((HUGS)))))

Shelbi said...

Oh Shannon.... :)

Since my hubby is almost always on the road, and he is at the moment, I can't wait until he comes to my rescue. I'd be waiting a LONG time! :) Oh but how I wish there were times I could do just that!! Yesterday however..... It was probably better that I discovered my little Monet and not my Hubs! Even via phone call he was losing it! As of late last night he and I are both coming around and have decided to leave it. It's a conversation piece and a daily reminder to the girls that "WE DO NOT PAINT/COLOR/WRITE ON THE WALLS!"

Ah Parenthood! Yesterday I was fearing a stroke my blood pressure was so high and today I am laughing about it. And since I did not have my kids when I was "young" I already had gray hairs by the time Gigi was born... but the girls are quickly adding to the number, that is for sure!

{{hugs}} right back at ya!! Sorry about the "Home Haircut!" yikes!!!

mwr2sbr said...

I. FEEL. YOUR. PAIN. I have had days like this, only I didn't get an awesome handprint mural like yours! (Love it BTW!)
Oh those days when no matter how hard you try, you just want to cry because it sucks! I'm sorry you felt like that yesterday... In a couple of years it will just be a funny story from their "toddlerhood". <3

Rachael Schepemaker said...

Holy Holy! I must say her hand prints are in the straightest row ever. She's got some skill. Maybe she'll be an interior designer some day.

Siler McCraw said...

Oh dear Lu! How I love you!!!! I would have done the exact same. Little stinker. Starting off the day running into the wind is never fun. Love to you!!!

I am Me. said...

I think it is brilliant... I am seeing a whole new decorating theme developing. Black and white, hand shaped lounge chair, etc... ;)

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