March 7, 2011

Project Simplify

No time to write about it.....Aw heck I haven't even completed my family purpose statement {although I haven't seen my husband in weeks to be able to create such a statement so....} Suffice to say, I have a HUGE project ahead of me and hubby will be pleased with the first "HOT SPOT".

I have done zero prep work and am likely not mentally ready to take on this task but something must be done about my home and the state it is currently in. And frankly, if I were a bit more organized there might be more time for, well.... me. Wouldn't that be nice?? "Me time"

*sigh* so here I go. I will post before and after photos and I beg of you to hold me accountable! For those of you taking on this project in your homes, please help me, support me, encourage me, this is not my forte!!

On your Mark.... Get set..... {God or someone... anyone help me} GO!



Mel said...

If it makes you feel better - I feel COMPLETELY unprepared too despite blogging about my intentions! No purpose statement on our whiteboard yet either. Woops! ;)

Shelbi said...

I think our purpose statement need to be simple, as in seriously simple.

To fill our home with love and love each other unconditionally and intenetionally everyday.

Feeling like we are all taking each other for granted lately so.... This seems like a good place to start.

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