March 12, 2011

The Peanut and the Cashew

Hubby came home from a week and a half on the road yesterday afternoon bearing gifts; I could have both kissed him and throttled him for it! I wasn't upset with him because of my new mission to rid our home of excess- This trip returned him to us with something worth both having and spending the money on.... It was his decision about the gifts.

I don't think everyone should get or have the same. I believe that sometimes you are picked last, not everyone makes the team and someone has to lose. That is life; and no matter how we sugar coat childhood and protect our children from reality someday they are going to lose. If we haven't taught them that life lesson in their youth, they will have no clue how to navigate losing gracefully as an adult.

That said, my Hubby dubbed Lula "The Cashew" when she was a few months old. I am guilty of giggling, and condoning and only half-hearted chiding him for it.  Gigi was since birth and still is today "The Peanut".  She's petite and girly and willowy looking. Lula on the other hand is only average size, but compared to her sister looks like a linebacker. {That and the girl can take a hit. Give one too for that matter!} But Lula is girly, granted not as much as her sister, but they both dig in the dirt and love trucks and roughhouse with the boys. They both like tea-parties and pretty dresses.  Lula simply is more athletic, or rather, athletic in a different sort of way. She's the tough and aggressive kind of athletic whereas Gigi is graceful and balanced and strong kind of athletic. Think Soccer vs. Gymnastics. Lacrosse vs. Swimming. Basketball vs. Track.

In honor of the girl first baseball game {tomorrow} Hubby brought them home their very first baseball mitts! This was the best gift for so many reasons! Daddy was taking his girls to their very first baseball game. After 3 seasons of watching the Red Sox on TV with daddy the girls were going to get to see it all in person! Then there is the fact that baseball {or T-ball} is something Daddy would gladly go play in the backyard with the girls! Teaching them how to field a ball, now that he's already taught them how to throw a ball and bat. I like gifts that require Daddy to participate with the girls! This was a great gift....except..... Why would you buy one pink/black glove and one tan? Seriously? What were you thinking?  Were you thinking? Just because we love that Lula could be a serious athlete like her Daddy doesn't mean she wouldn't want a pink baseball glove too....

I thought maybe I was being too sensitive about this. Maybe Lula didn't really care. maybe all that mattered to her was all that should matter. She was in the backyard playing with Daddy.... But this morning I had to referee the fight over the pink glove and try to convince Lula that the tan one was the one Mommy would choose if Mommy had a baseball mitt.

So here is what I am going to take away from all of this. You don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I do love that my darling Hubby came home and went outside and played with his girls. I do love that he is so excited to take them to their first baseball game. I do love that he put thought into a gift that both made sense for this weekend and created an opportunity for him to play with and influence his children. I do love my husband, unconditionally and with all of my heart. This was a very thoughtful gift {although maybe not very well thought out, still very thoughtful} and the girls and I are so very lucky!

Choosing GRATITUDE... and hopefully this will help me to teach the girls that they should simply be grateful for what they are given.


{Project Simplify}


Wendy said...


Jason brought everyone Valentine Day cards...all so sweet and uniquely plucked for each precious daughter...except that ONE of them had a necklace as part of the card.

I smiled lovingly as the girls each adored their personal messages from their daddy.

Then I let out a big sigh and thought to myself...


The SassMaster said...

Choosing gratitude is a great phrase... because well... sometimes it doesn't come easy even if we know it's how we SHOULD feel. Good for you for honoring the effort :-)
You make a good grown-up, Shelbi :-)

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