March 3, 2011

It's That Time Again!!
"Phase One"!

Last summer the girls and I took on a science project. I won't say "failed" because we did manage to sprout and grow bean plants, we just didn't get them to survive long enough to produce beans. This spring we will be growing....

Drum roll please.....

S T R A W B E R R I E S !

The girls were so excited to see and water and pick strawberries from my Step-mother's garden when we were back east last month, so..... Here we go! I would like to add green beans and tomatoes to our "garden" in a month or so, but for now..... I'm excited to start this project.

Phase One was picking out our "Garden". Would it be a planter? Or pot? Or strawberry planter?? I gave the girls some options and I was pleased with their choice of this 44" window box/patio planter. I think it will make a sweet and appropriate sized "garden" for their strawberries!

Phase Two is paying attention to our yard and the sun today and tomorrow to decide where our "garden" should be.... but I think I already know.  Then we will get the soil and plants and the girls and I will get to my favorite part...... Getting our hands dirty!!

Stay tuned to see how we fair with this next "science project".... I'm excited.... Are you?


1 comment:

The SassMaster said...

can't wait to receive my first jar of HUrley GUrl Preserves in the mail :-)
good luck ladies!

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