August 31, 2010

Gearing up for "Stroller Strides September"

The next segment of Project Stroller Strides is "Stroller Strides September"  I am wicked psyched with my progress, I am dealing better with my girls while working out and they are getting better at sitting and not mauling each other while mommy gets her sweat on!

I am THRILLED and honored to announce that Stroller Strides is working with me this month and has generously offered a great giveaway to one lucky reader!  So I am going to hit the showers and get my butt in gear writing up Project Stroller Strides: Stroller Strides September.  Be on the lookout! For those mamas out there who are not happy with their post baby body {even if your babies are not babies anymore} and have been too lazy or discouraged to do anything about it.... Stroller Strides is the most fun I have ever had working out. Has yielded better results than working with a personal trainer. Has not only changed the way I look and feel but my ability to deal with life.  Endorphins are wonderful... I highly reccomend that 'high' to any and everyone! The moms truly are supportive, you go at your own pace and I know I must sound like an infomercial or someone who just drank the kool-aid.... but you must go see for yourself!  Find a Stroller Strides in your area and go check out a FREE class.... I promise you will be glad you did!

I kicked off my own personal Stroller Strides September yesterday and today will 2 great workouts and then starting talking the talk at preschool drop off this afternoon - that went a little something like this...

From Shelbi's Facebook Status: Tuesday August 31, 2010 12:30pm
"STROLLER STRIDES SEPTEMBER..... Arrived at preschool drop-off stinking and sweating from an awesome SS workout, sporting my SS Logo t-shirt. Passed out 4 SS coupons and when asked if I "lead" the class in my head the answer was... "Why yes! Yes I do - Nobody knows it, they all think Katie leads the class, but really it's me!"

So I guess that means my long term goal, on top of getting fit, my body back and having a bikini body next summer is.... To build up Kelly's franchise so much that she gets through her waiting list of want-to-be instructors and has a position open for me.... It's good to have goals!

Happy Stroller Strides September everyone!

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