July 12, 2010

Project Stroller Strides / Back on track

I know, I know - it’s been months since my last Stroller Strides post. When I last posted my progress {here}I was humming along making amazing strides {ha-ha}. I was on my way to a leaner, stronger, sexier me. Then… I hit a little speed bump.

In May the girls and I spent two weeks in Florida. Two weeks off was killer both to my momentum and stamina. Almost all of the progress I had made in the preceding six weeks was gone by the time I returned. I made it to three classes before having to take another two weeks off; due to a babysitting commitment and then Gigi’s VBS. By the time I returned three weeks ago recommitted, to myself and to positive change, I was fairly back to square one. The saving Grace is, this time I am fully aware of what I am capable of. I know how hard I can push myself and I know how good it feels to clear the cobwebs with sweat!

There is a hitch… G and Lu did not start Stroller Strides when they were tiny babies like most of the kiddos we workout with did - Gigi was 2 and Lula was 1. Now at 3 and 20 months, they are not the most patient kids for the hour. They fight …and need …and have their tantrums. So I briefly entertained the idea of leaving Stroller Strides and joining the local gym. If I did that I could drop the kids off at the child care center and workout in peace and quiet. There is something to very, very, very appealing about that. In the end I am sticking with Stroller Strides and probably not for the reason you might think. Sure it is an amazing workout. I have seen results far more quickly with Stroller Strides than with any other workout regimen I have ever had. However, in the end the reason that I am sticking with Stroller Strides is the women! The amazing; strong; beautiful; supportive-of-each-other women. Their energy – Their positive energy is why I am staying.

One of the best parts of my day is sweating with those fabulous women and showing my daughters what it is to be a strong, beautiful, healthy woman. Out of all of the lessons I have been teaching my girls this year - the importance of physical activity and taking the time to take care of, and pride in your body is one of the most important! Thank you Stroller Strides for changing my life, helping me teach this amazing life lesson to my girls and for pushing me. I am a better, wife, mother and me because of the time I spend with y'all!
Watching the girls run around both at home and after class with the other kids, pushing their strollers, imitating our workouts doesn’t hurt either! Quite possibly the most adorable and funny thing ever!

A Stroller Really Does Make You Sexy!


KH said...

I got chills reading this entry, and a little teary eyed. Your reasons for sticking with SS is exactly what this program is all about! I couldn't have said it better. I am so happy you decided to stay with Stroller Strides because I truly enjoy YOUR positive energy, tenacity, and willingness to try whatever is thrown at you. Thank you sharing!
In Stride,

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you & KH! There are times where it can be hard to workout with your kid(s), but the support you get from the other moms, the friends you & your kids make & the incredible pride you feel knowing that your babies are learning the importance of fitness because of you- make it ALL worth it... And it's really cute when your 2 year old "plays" Stroller Strides! Keep it up & welcome back!!

Erin said...

I love this!! I own a Stroller Strides franchise in Denver and I am sharing this with my clients and friends. Thanks for sharing this. You said it beautifully!


Mama Moderna said...

I'm Liz and I have been on stroller stride for 2 years now, I miss a lot of classes, you know how life is........ But I always come back. and I think that you are absolutely right I love my mom friend, It's alway the best time of my day, and even now that my Jessy is starting preschool I can't think of doing anything different. I'll keep going to stroller stride with an empty stroller.

PS. There is no way I'm getting pregnant again, ji, ji.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post! I also got a little teary eyed reading this. I taught SS for over a year and took the classes for a year before teaching. I met some very special and wonderful women through SS! I am very thankful I had it for the first 2 years of my daughters life!

LatteLover said...

Wonderfully written! I started SS when my daughter was almost one, and my son was in preschool. My daughter is now 3.5, and my 7yo son joins me on his bike when summer break rolls around and he is not in school. I love that the instructors and other moms are so supportive of me having my little dude on his bike! Keep up the awesome work, and you are being a fantastic role model for your children!!

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