July 10, 2010

G's Evolution of {Man}

I am finding more and more my 3 year old has questions that just plain old throw me for a loop! It's not that they are outrageous questions - They are very normal, observant questions - The loop is... How do I answer? Brutal honesty? Half truths? Deflect? What should a 3 year old know? What should wait for a few years down the road? I find most often I err on the side of honesty. Not necessarily "brutal", but honest. I also find that honesty can lead to more "tough" questions or quite frequently embarrassing situations!

In learning body parts, something G learned 2 years ago and in more recently teaching Lu I have always called a spade a spade. Our Bodies Ourselves, right? Nothing to be ashamed of. {am I the only one who's mother gave her that book?} So while eyes are eyes, and knees are knees a vagina is not a "Who-ha" or any other 'code name' you can think of. {no offense if your family uses code words for penis and vagina - I don't judge, we just call them what they are}

So one day when my 3 year old said to me, "I have a vagina and Lula has a vagina and Mommy has a vagina and Daddy has a vagina!" I felt the need to correct her. "No honey, daddy's don't have a vagina, daddy's have a penis." Even though I could tell this was confusing to her, she is 3 so she accepted that 'statement of fact' from me and moved on. I didn't hear another word about it until a few days later when Hubby returned home from the road. The first thing out of her mouth when he walked in the door was "Daddy. You-have-a-penis." This traumatized my poor hubby until I explained why she said that.

This was a few months back - Since then there has been no further discussion about who has a penis and who has a vagina. However, recently G's little neighborhood buddy was potty trained and the few time's he's been here G has wanted to be in the potty with him - Other than trying to explain that we leave people alone when they go potty there were no questions or conversations about anatomical differences... Although I am sure she's noticed.

Then last night G was drawing pictures before supper. Over the last few weeks she has been getting better and better at drawing "people". When her drawings first evolved from scribbles to forms it started with a circular type shape that may or may not have four lines sticking out from somewhere, intended to represent arms and legs. Eyes were two dots or scribbles and the mouth may or may not exist. Her drawings have kept evolving and looking more and more like people. The eyes went from dots, to circles, to circles with dots. The "arms and legs" are most often in the right place. Last night she drew bodies on these heads for the first time! It was very exciting! After Hubby and I both praised her for a job well done and resumed preparing supper G announced "Look! Daddy has a peanut!" {The second time she has confused the two words} Sure enough G had added a little 'anatomical correctness' to her artwork.

I suppose that I should be thankful that this happened at home and not at school !
Truthfully Hubby and I laughed out loud!

Take a look at G's version of 'Evolution of Man'

{Homo Habilis}

Also known as "Handy Man" used primitive tools.

{Homo Erectus}
According to some studies used fire and lived in caves

{Homo Sapien}
His brain capacity averaged an impressive 1350 cc, surprisingly the same size as humans today

{Neanderthal Man}

Archeology findings shows that the injured and dead were cared for and buried by Neanderthals

{Cro-Magnon Man}
Cro-magnons used paints composed from manganese and iron oxides to paint the walls and ceilings of their caves

{Modern Man}
Well... Modern Man according to G has a 'peanut'.


DarkTouch said...

We recently discovered the joys of whiteboards. More often than not TLG draws a bunch of spirals and declares it 'a rope'.

Melissa said...

This is great!! Laughed out loud, which is always good!! Thing is, I can relate... After bath, my husband said to my now 4 yr old "I see ur hiney" and my son whipped around and said "You see my penis". What do you say (when ur done laughing??)?

DarkTouch said...

Caleb drew his first non-rope picture for me tonight. It was a dinosaur with a nose and feet. He erased it before I could get a picture however.

Shelbi said...

That's AWESOME!! The downside to a dry-eraseboard, huh??

Notice how your previous comment is missing? Thanks for the email though! I'm gonna wait it out a few days before doing anything about it though.

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