April 28, 2010

Slacking off...

I've been called out by one of my "followers" for not keeping up on my blog. As usual there are things I want to talk/write about and things that are going on here that are noteworthy but I have been up to my eyeballs in 3 year old {attitude and energy that is} and have not had the time or energy to sit down and do this right...

 BUT I very much want to share a post from one of the brilliant blogs I follow. This author cracks me up! She never fails to make my day with her insight and humor. Her illustrations can be a little violent and crude at times but are always the perfect complement to her writing and wit. Of all her posts this one screamed out “Shelbi”. I want to stand up and applaud her for saying what clearly so many of us are thinking.  I had hoped that I could use her brilliant idea to assuage some of my irritation when I see ‘ALOT’. So far it has not worked so well, but at least I know I am not alone!

I must admit while I can type faster than my brain can process and while I KNOW I am at fault for writing ‘there’ when I mean’ their’ or ‘they’re’. I DO know the difference. If I was better at proof reading my own work I would catch it and know that I meant to type ‘‘You’re’’ an idiot for incessantly and incorrectly typing ALOT when it is and always has been A LOT. Instead of “Your’’ an idiot…. I am well aware that { you’re = you are } and { your = belonging to }. I know that { there = place } { their = possession } and { they’re = they are }. I know this because I learned it in elementary school. I also know that just because I learned it in elementary school does not mean I am immune to typos. Typos happen, that I can forgive.

Yes, I might have some deep seeded anger issues with this stuff… Like wanting to scream out “There is no such word as irregardless... the word is regardless!!” And “It’s touch base with you – like in baseball - not touch basis with you!” and “specifically not pacifically” and “library not liberry” - how about.. “you have an idea not an idear!” For some reason though... of all of the possible grammatical errors and made up words and misspoken phrases… ALOT gets me the worst… So thank you Ms. Brosh for Hyperbole and a half and for your brilliant piece {not peace}… I will try to embrace ALOT and think less of the people who incessantly get it wrong {No … you read that right, I meant that exactly as it sounded… I will think less of the people who get it wrong, not less about them!}

So instead of posting my own thing I'll share someone else's brillant blog with you...



monica said...

I love ya Shelb's-we've been thinkin' it!!!! Thanks for sayin' it.

Grace said...

Thanks for sharing that blog - I loved it! It is hysterical and I love the pictures! And I am guilty of being a grammar snob too even though we all make mistakes :)

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