April 8, 2010

Project Stroller Strides: Week 2 / Endorphin High

I have now completed two weeks (six Stroller Strides classes) and I really do feel great! I am a little sore and fully exhausted at the end of class days, but I feel really good. I honestly did not expect to feel different this quickly. The difference is not so much in my energy levels, but in what I am able to do in class.  I notice I am able to go full out on our cardio bursts just a little bit longer than I could a mere two weeks ago.  I know I am able to do a few more crunches, lunges and chest presses.

 I am not always at the back of the pack anymore and that feels FANTASTIC! It is not a race or even a competition. There is absolutely no expectation that any of us Hot Mommas can perform at the same level and I truly do not think any of us try.  It's more of a competition with yourself. Can we push a little harder than yesterday, last week, last month? Are we stronger, tighter, less out of breath? But for me, not being at the back of the pack is just enough of an ego boost to keep me pushing.  And Yes, I can push a little harder. I do feel a little stronger. I keep praying for tighter.... Jiggling around while running or jumping is not a happy feeling at all!! I certainly suck a lot of wind during class but at the moment that is my indication that I am either working hard enough, too hard or not hard enough. 

I have never liked exercise.  I know, why on earth would I have gone to school for Physical Education if I don't like exercise?  I like sports. I like pushing myself. I like FUN workout classes.  I always loved aqua aerobics.  I was a swimmer and the fact that little eighty year old ladies in flowered bathing caps could whoop my butt in an aqua aerobics class was always awesome!  It was motivation to keep working at it!  I love aerobics in any form honestly.  It's not boring - it is hard, sweaty work and really gets the endorphins pumping.  Running on a treadmill... Boring! Stationary bike, Elliptical, Circuit training, Snooze! Go to the gym and try to motivate myself to work out for an hour, forget about it!  This is the polar opposite of that. And I am in class with mommies. Not 20 year old Barbie dolls starving themselves and working out 40 hours a week. Real women --Granted some of them kind of are stick figures - But since I like them I can look past this flaw!!

The best part of Stroller Strides is I look forward to it! I know it's going to be hard. I know I am going to be beet red and ready to drop dead (and sometimes I want to) but when it's all over I feel so good! I kind of feel like a big old dork who just found the newest fad and wants to go on and on and on about it to perfect strangers, but I am so loving it!  I am so proud of myself and I cannot wait to see how far I can go!

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