January 17, 2010

Google Alert: Golf; Irrigation

Well what do you know? - An old co-worker of my husband's stumbled upon my blog recently. As the story was told to me, he has Google alerts set up to search for all golf and irrigation related publications out there in cyberspace. And...Well, my little old blog popped up as pertinent to "Golf; Irrigation" That would be, and this is just my best guess, because I give a brief bio about Hubby on my blog?? This is what is says:


A golf course irrigation salesman, he spends more time on the road than at home. The money making is his job and the child rearing is mine. Though there is an uneven distribution of the rest of the work. In my defense, he knew me before we were married. The love of my life bears the brunt of most of the cleaning around here as well.

From ''small'' town Massachusetts, he longs to get back to that simple life. Maybe one day I'll give in and we'll go back. For now he takes solace in the ability to play golf year round.

I am told that this colleague who stumbled upon my blog and was amused to find that he knows the author was also surprised that I speak so harshly about my "Hubby". He felt the casual observer, one who does not know me, might think I do not really like my husband. This confused me, and of course put me on the defense. If you do know me you know I am quick to defend myself, but am also willing to eat my words if I in fact I spoke out of turn. So I, quite without my Hubby knowing, rushed to review my blog. Since I knew that I was discovered based upon keywords and that the keywords would have to be "Golf - Irrigation" I thought it must be this one; But it was when I was told that I had stated that I'd been away from writing for a while but was back now. I knew for sure, so I went back and reviewed my writing. I have been "harsh" with my feelings about people in my life on this blog. The sole purpose was to tell about my life from Happy Hour to Story Hour and muse about what the Hell happened??? Or disclose my insane mishaps. Or the rare occasion, my triumphs. In all that, and although I know I can be hard on my husband for maybe not spending enough of what I consider 'quality time' with the girls; I thought I had done a pretty good job singing his praises and throwing myself under the bus in my blurb about who I am married to. There is no doubt that the work is unevenly distributed and although I bear a good chunk of the child-rearing responsibility, I do not need to do much else.

So, on the off chance that my humor did not translate into the written word or was lost on some, I would like to clarify.... I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt from my days as a flight attendant that living out of a suit case and in hotel rooms night after night is not fun. Living on Subway, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chili's and driving all over creation is not my idea of the high life. No, my Hubby is not footloose and fancy free. He works like a dog so that I do not have to. He spends his life in that past its prime SUV so that I can raise our kids. He keeps this beautiful roof over our heads. He keeps us in swim lessons and new clothes and the refrigerator and pantry stocked with food. There are new toys and trips to Florida all because of how hard he works. Trips to Florida without him I must add. We get to take vacations while he works. If all that were not enough, he comes home from work and does all his own laundry and most of ours. He does the dishes, vacuums when needed, cares for the yard. What do I do? I get to go on play dates and to swim lessons. I get to go to story time and do arts and crafts. I get to play games and do puzzles and sit in the sun and get fresh air. I get to do all the fun stuff.

Just in case anyone did not understand that I was singing my Hubby's praises ... I was! He does it all, and doesn't often complain. If I need to shed a bit more light on my self-defaming bio of my husband. He does all the work. He lives here and not back east because I don't want to go. He does just about everything he does for me and I do very little to make his life any easier. So if I say “he can take solace in the fact that he can golf year round”. That is not a dig at all that he plays golf. He deserves it. After all he does why shouldn't he get to hit the links and enjoy a little sunshine and fresh air?

Thank you Hubby! If I don't say it enough - Thank you! You're the best!!


monica said...

Does this person know you?! Since the moment I met you-you made it very clear how much you love Brian and the life he has given you. This absolutely blows my mind. Every wife may say a "few" not so positive things about their husbands-don't husbands do the same of us?

In my life experiences I have found that the people who are so quick to judge and point their fingers live in glass houses and should point their fingers in the other direction.

I always read both of your blogs and have never found you to be "bashing" Brian. No life or marriage is ever perfect but I know you oh so well and know how blessed you feel day to day. Don't pay any attention to others-you're a great person, wife, mother, and friend-I love ya!!!

Brian said...

No harm honey.... Perhaps the most amazing character trait you have is the ability to give and take shit from me. I love it. Lets call it our little game. I give you crap you give it right back. Our own little "teamwork" and I love you for it. For all the traveling I do, I would not trade our "teamwork" for anything!!!! I love you.

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