September 19, 2011

Social Media

Has social Media killed society? Well.... I don't think I can say it's gone that far, but I do think it's killing me damaging my "literary brain" a little bit.  It has, at the very least made me LAZY!

I received an email last week from a friend, one that goes all the way back with me to kindergarten.  He titled his email "On being a good pen pal". Before even opening this correspondence I was rife with guilt. You see... *I* have not been a very good "Pen Pal" to this long time friend of mine; Someone who not only initiates our email correspondence each and every time, but  who always has something to say, offer and who provides sage words for me a frequent basis.  You see, social media has allowed me to assuage my guilt by tossing out these little blurbs via "comments" from time to time. It makes me feel on a daily basis that I've acknowledged and validated people existence on a daily basis without having to do or say much of anything at all! And in that respect.. "Ah, Social Media, I love you!" But in reality.... Someone deserves so much more that a few passing words from me, don't they?

Social Media is good for keeping me connected in some small way to the people that I grew up with and now live so very far away from, IF in fact I want to maintain some sort of connection. It allows me to see what their day to day lives look like and comment from time to time to know that I care what they do or say, but it's all very surface. I must give props to Social Media for reconnecting me to some people that I truly do need to be in better touch with and for strengthening and in some cases creating friendships that may not have existed. But oh.... it's so easy to tweet the mundane details of my life and update my status regarding my life, family, kids, running, etc.... in that I feel as though I've got it covered and why then sit down and try to make witty remarks about my day?

Social Media has made me not want to expand upon my musings, mishaps or milestones. My dear friend Dark Touch said this in his email to me and it was like a shovel to the side of my head... "
Facebook and Twitter kicked in and my updates became two sentence posts and my email became filled with advertisements and coupons". WOW! That's pretty much what's happened to me. I dread even opening my email anymore. It's all Twitter and Facebook email's - shit I've already read on Twitter and Facebook and then a whole bunch of Junk and well.... I have no need to write or respond or even think really.

So my status last night on Facebook that said:
I'm starting to feel like all these endorphins are killing brain cells. I simply cannot put a coherent thought down since stepping up my game physically. I ran 8 miles today and I'd love to blog about it and how marathon training is going {6 weeks to go} but alas my brain is mush...........

Maybe it's social media that's killing my brain cells and not the endorphins..... Food for though. I'm going to try to be better about this......

By the way... I'm a runner now. I'm running a half marathon in 6 weeks and I ran 8 miles yesterday. My longest run to date. I have no clue what I am doing and I'm loving every minute of it! {God these status update length blurbs do rock though!}


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Anonymous said...

Just to be clear though, the "On Being a Good Pen Pal" title wasn't intended to make you feel guilty. It was my way of saying sorry for not having written in so long without saying "Hey, Sorry for not having written in so long."

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