December 13, 2009


"... Blowfish have the ability to inflate rapidly, Thus, a hungry predator stalking the blowfish may suddenly find itself facing what seems to be a much larger fish..."

I've kept my head down and my mouth shut, silently... and sometimes not so silently, cursing the overwhelming majority of crazy in my life.  However,  I recentlty discovered that the overwhelming majority of crazy is really an overwhelming minority. There has sort of been this insane mob surrounding my life and the mob seemed big and loud and everywhere, but it's realy not and the few are like blowfish - They puff themselves up so big that is seems to be so much, so many more. 

With that said, I've made up my mind to once again live my life out in the sun.  But with a healthy awareness that while being the antagonist, a role I often relish - is not always so smart.  Even though a blowfish is a smaller, slower, weaker creature - Once you've discovered the fasle bravado of a belly full of air, it is still unwise to take a bite - Blowfish are poisionous....

I've missed having a place to document my life and the crazy, happy, silly, stupid mishaps... I'm back!


Kelli said...

Well I've missed you ;-)

monica said...

Girl, you always take the high rode. I'm proud of you!

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